Python for Network Engineers

Should I Use Flask or Django for Web App Development?

By George El. • February 2021 • Reading time: 5 minutes

At some point you will want to write a web application. In python the two most popular web frameworks are Flask and Django. In this post I detail the pros and cons of each and which one should you use. I have used both so I have a pretty good picture of both.

Implement a Url Shortener Service in Flask

By George El. • January 2021 • Reading time: 5 minutes

In this post I will describe how to implement a url shortener service using flask. There are two main ways to implement a url shortener service. The first one is to take the URL and apply the md5 hash algorigthm. Then convert this 128bit number to base62 or base64. The problem with this approach is that the base62 results in a 21 byte string which is long.